Sunday, June 6, 2010


Welcome to Silver Fox and Bullfrog's Blog! I'm the Silver Fox, so named because I'm "smart and have shiny silver hair". My 5 year old is the Bullfrog, because he likes to jump around, splash in any water he can find, and make noise whenever possible. I'll let him start things off with an guided interview!

Silver Fox: Why do you like hiking?
Bullfrog: "Because I find lots of cool stuff like.. frogs that don't go in the water. They're called Toads! We see pretty mushrooms and other wild animals. We heard a deer and saw a red headed lizard!"

SF: What's your favorite thing about the outdoors?
BF: "I like to be in the sunshine and see beautiful skies!"

SF: Where's your favorite place to go?
BF: "My favorite place to go is a park at the end of the hiking trail. We eat lunch saw the top of the mountain and then we had to hike all the way back!"

SF: Is hiking hard work?
BF: Hiking is easy work downhill but hard work going up. Down is my favorite part except when Silver Fox gets us lost! On the way down we saw some very cool things and went down a dangerous but fun shortcut that led us to our old trail!"

SF- This was a couple of days after our 8 mile roundtrip up Pilot Mountain Pinnacle. Our trip report will be posted in a bit!

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